The Process

Each pair of shoes is personally handcrafted and custom to YOU!

Interested in a custom pair of shoes?

Here is the step-by-step process of getting started:

  1. Start by deciding what shoe you want to customize. This can be a brand new shoe, or a shoe you already own. All customers are required to provide With An H their shoes. If you are sending a pair you already own, be sure to clean them before sending them to us.
  2. Once you decide on your shoe of preference, it is time to decide what type of canvas you want sewn to your shoe. You are able to choose from designer fabrics currently available listed on our site under “Materials Currently Available”.
  3. Once you decide on your shoe of preference and designer canvas, please fill out our multi-step form here. You can also find this under “Start A Custom Order” via our site menu.
  4. When filling out our form, be sure to provide us with all the information we need to start your custom order.
  5. Once your request is received, we will evaluate it and send you a message via your contact method. This message will include your customization fee options, where to send your shoes, and the next steps of your personalized customization process.
  6. Once we hear back and confirm your custom order, your personal customization fee will be added to our site and you will be able to purchase it. This fee includes shipping. Due to the custom nature of our service, be mindful that all orders are NON-RETURNABLE.
  7. Once we have possession on your shoes, the processing time for all custom orders is 4-6 weeks, which is subject to change due to order volume.
  8. All customers will receive photo updates of their shoes during their entire process via your preferred contact method. Lets get started!